Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not sure how I am going to do it...

I am feeling a little discouraged, I am admitting it.

I am supposed to be taking a trip to Haiti at the end of February - for a long time I struggled with how I was going to manage it financially, and if it was something that God wanted me to do - or something that I wanted to do. Our school was supposed to do some group fundraising, but no one stepped up to help and I eventually gave up on trying to get everyone to do it- and decided to have a go at it by myself.

As of last Sunday, I still had not received a single donation - so I told God...okay if no one steps up, I will take it that I am not meant to go. Then I got to church and I had two donations given to me - and I was thrilled. However, I still need about 1600 dollars to cover the cost of the trip...and the money is due on Monday. I have been going by faith here, often trying to come up with new ways to fundraiser, and having each one of them fall through, or unsure of how to get them started.

My family said that they would help me out - which is so appreciated! However, given their financial situation Im not sure how I feel about that. The money is due on Monday, but that doesn't mean I can't continue to raise money after that day - it simply means that donations will no longer by tax receipt-able, and must be made out to me, instead of the school.

If by any chance, anyone comes across this blog and is willing to help out - I would appreciate it very much. I know God can work in amazing ways - and 1600 is not that much at all. So I am calling for help. Just in case!

I have added a donation button, if anyone is willing to help out!