Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup Pie

So, a couple of weeks ago we were celebrating birthdays as a family. The "children's table" consisted of me an a couple of my cousins. While we were eating conversation of how delicious a peanut butter cup would be - so we decided to take it upon ourselves to make it! It turned out very well - and we plan on doing it again to perfect it. Still, I'm going to share how to make it.

The ingredients are pretty simple:

We used one medium sized jar of all natural peanut butter, shortening, icing sugar, condensed sweetened milk, and 3 large milk chocolate bars (next time, I think we will only use two, we had a lot left over). The first step is to break up the chocolate into a medium sized pot.

Melt on a low heat to prevent burning. After the chocolate is melted add the shortening. The shortening allows the chocolate to harden, while remaining soft.

We weren't really sure how much shortening to use - About half the stick was used this time and it worked quite well. Perhaps a little less. I will update this as I know more.

While you are waiting for the first few steps to be completed you can start on the peanut butter center. Make sure you are going back and stirring the chocolate ever so often, so it doesn't burn.

Begin by emptying the jar of peanut butter into a large blow (it was a fairly small jar)

Combine with the condensed milk and icing sugar. You'll want to fiddle around with the amounts for this, until you get a creamy consistency. I think we used a bit too much icing sugar, and not quite enough condensed milk. It should however be fairly think - and quite malleable. Next, you'll want to take half of the peanut butter mix, and put it into a medium foil pie pan.

Push it into the pan, and flatten it out. After you have done that, carefully pop it out the pan and onto a plate, where you will trim some of the edges off (this allows to make room for chocolate to go around the edges, once it goes back into the pan.)

Do this again for the other half of the peanut butter.

After you have done this, go back to your chocolate. Pour a layer into the foil pan you used to shape the peanut butter.

Make it fairly thick (about half a centimeter) then even it out with a spoon. Do this for two pans. Then put them both in the fridge for about 15 minutes to allow the chocolate to set. You want them to be stiff before continuing to the next step.

After they are stiff, remove from the fridge and carefully place the previously made peanut butter center on top of the bottom layer.

Pour chocolate around the edges of the pan, allowing the space between the pan and the peanut butter to fill. Then cover the top. Even it out with a spoon, and place in the freezer for until stiff. I think it took about 20 minutes.

Cut it up, and serve with vanilla ice cream! Enjoy!!!

One thing I love about this is that its completely gluten free!!! Which is fantastic for me. I did however have to take lactaid pills for the ice cream - but that's okay.



  1. How many ml or g was on the jar of PB? That would help to know approximately how much peanut butter you used!

    Looks awesome... but more like you'd want a glass of milk or cup of coffee to go with! The ice cream thing still weirds me out a bit... ha!

  2. No one else would want coffee....milk...yeah. Ask them! It was good with ice cream. I'll see if I can fnd out how much peanut butter.